Check your email. If it says ‘order processing‘, it means that the key is not available yet and will be processed soon. Usually keys are delivered instantly. Purchased keys are delivered by email. If you are a registered member, you can also check the my account page to find your purchased keys.

It means that the product is currently out of stock. You can purchase them, but the delivery would only be made within 1-5 business days. If it passes beyond that, you have the option to request for a refund.

Of course. We would not be selling them if they are not. If there is something wrong with your key, you can always contact us.

Report your order to us so that we can investigate further and resolve your issue. Check if you have purchased the right key for the right product. In a rare case, the key must has been delivered to another customer in the past (system error), duplicate entry, or it had been stolen. For your convenience, keys that don’t work are replaced immediately within 24 hours.

During checkout, simply tick the box that says ‘Create an Account’. If you have purchased a key from us in the past and would like to create an account, contact us to get your account set up manually.

Most keys are pretty straightforward. If there is anything that’s different about the installation or activation we will make it very clear on the product page. If you still need help you can contact us at anytime.

Currently we are only accepting PayPal. You can pay with Credit / Debit card through PayPal even if you don’t have a PayPal account. We will be accepting more payment methods soon.

We guarantee that our keys work. If we fail to resolve any order issues or to replace any product key that doesn’t work, we will give your money back. Every single dime.

Go to the contact page. You may also reach us using the Live Chat.